A Small Product, For A Big Change.

The chase between Team Red, and Team Blue is never-ending. One day a flaw is patched before harm is done, the next a new vulnerability is exploited. With the large influx of data-dumps occurring online it’s important to have more than just layer of protection. You never know when your password is going to be leaked, and 2FA is the best thing to protect you, should your password be compromised. The only issue is, 2FA devices haven’t been been perfected… Until now.

Introducing, Engel Key.

About 2FA

2FA, Two Factor Authentication is a method in which allows for your identity to be proven with two variables. Something you know(your password), and something you have(your 2FA device).

How It Works

An algorithm that both the desired server and 2FA device share works to generate a six digit code based on an OTP(One-Time-Password), and current time.

This code changes every 30 seconds, and any change in the time and or OTP will affect it’s result.

After logging in to your account/digital resource with your password(something you know), you’re requested to enter the generated pin. The pin can only be accessed via the 2FA hardware token(something you have). Once entered, you’re granted access to the account or digital resource.

Tada… You can read more about it here.

Doesn’t This Make It Much More Difficult To Log In?

The codes are generated instantly, the only variable that would affect log-in speed is how fast you can read and enter the code.

Aren’t There Other 2FA Hardware Tokens?

Yes! But, nobody’s managed to package every perk into a single device. Until now, thanks to our Patent Pending tech.

RSA Yubikey OnlyKey Google Titan Google Auth Duo App Engel Key
Multiple Tokens x x x x x x
Display x x x x
Programmable x x x x x x
Standalone Device x x
50$ Or Under x x x x x x


No, your codes will not be sitting in plain text. We plan on adding a form of encryption to the device with your funding. We know this is one of the most important features, and we currently plan on using Military grade AES-256 encryption.


Competing products boast of their ability to utilize NFC and Bluetooth. We feel allowing other devices to connect to a hardware token is an open invitation to new unknown exploitation.

Engel Key connects to the internet via WiFi only on boot, to retrieve the current time. Then the networking chip remains completely disabled, until rebooted.

Why We Need Your Help

We need your help to fund further software development, future patent costs, increase our means of production, and prepare our first batch for shipment(to you)!

We’re attempting to remove any and all excuses for the regular user to not utilize 2FA. With our product, we’re making hardware tokens affordable, and with ZERO COMPROMISES.

Future Goals For Engel Key

  • Increase amount of TOTP codes that can be held.
  • Make Engel Key water-proof/resistant.
  • Create a custom board.
  • * Add an on-board camera for QR code scanning TOTP’s.
  • * Decrease the physical size of Engel Key.
  • * Increase the battery life to a full 24 hours.
  • * Implement a finger-print scanner on a separate model.

How You Can Get One

At the moment, we haven’t sold any Engel Keys, and this is the first post in which they are being announced. We will begin selling Engel Keys when we launch our Kickstarter campaign, which has yet to start. You can stay tuned via our Email Newsletter and Twitter, for updates regarding the Kickstarter. We’re just as excited to launch as you are.

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Damian · February 15, 2019 at 7:44 pm

Nice job on getting all this together! Looks really good.

Wilbert · February 15, 2019 at 10:37 pm

Wow! Very Cool

Ken · February 18, 2019 at 8:32 pm

Nice job Sid.

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