We love when people write about us! In fact, we invite you to write about us… So, we’ve put together this press kit, to help you with your writing and find additional information, if needed.

Software Information

There’s a good amount of work that we need to do with the software, before Engel Key is ready for shipping. This is where your funding comes in.

Engel Key Board Security

At the moment, Engel Key’s software is written in Python. It’s been easy for us to work with and whatnot, however it has it’s place… And a security device probably shouldn’t be written in Python.

The software on-board is currently obfuscated, and any crucial information(pin codes, TOTP codes) are stored in a SHA-256 hash. But, that doesn’t mean the method behind our software can’t be reverse engineered should someone really take a wack at it.

With the money we raise from our Kickstarter, we plan on finding ourselves a new C++ developer to re-write our current software using the Arduino IDE. This would also involve the board running on a different firmware, which we can only imagine is more optimized. This would result in faster button press reactions, and better battery life… Which is great, however the main reason we are switching over to C++, is because it’s inherently more secure, with how much easier it is to encrypt and lock-down code. After our Kickstarter has been funded, we plan on storing everything in military grade AES-256.

Engel Key Connectivity

Currently, Engel Key connects to a network(set via our PC/OSX software in which the Kickstarter will fund[more details later]) and retrieve the current time. It will then shut off the networking chip, and never turn on again, until the device is rebooted, and needs to retrieve the time again. After the initial time retrieval, the board relies on it’s RTC(Real Time Clock) chip to keep the time.

We do not support the idea of having the device connect to anything over NFC, or Bluetooth. There are other 2FA tokens that do so, however we feel this only introduces more chances for vulnerability/exploit.

Engel Key PC/OSX Software

Our current Engel Key model has no on-board QR code scanner(which we plan on making in the future), so you’ll need to set your codes into the device manually. At the time, this means that we have to go into the code, and place the actual OTP into it, and re-flash the file to the board. After our Kickstarter has been funded, we plan on hiring a developer to write a simple application that will allow you to open it, paste your OTP code/screengrab the QR image in(alongside your networks for initial time retrieval), hit a button… Then be done.

Hardware Information

Engel Key’s hardware is incredibly basic when it comes down to it. We have the a case, a battery, and a board with a display attached.

Engel Key’s Case

The Engel Key case, is 3D printed with PLA. At the time of writing it takes an hour and a half to print a single case. If the Kickstarter is funded properly, we will obviously need to ramp up the amount of printers we have, so we can keep up with the demand. If keeping up with the 3D printed cases becomes too much of a struggle, we could potentially look into ABS molding down the road. Since 3D printing is easy to work with/change, and affordable… It’s what we’re sticking to for now.

Doesn’t PLA have a low melting temperature, and suffer warping in heat?

Yes, PLA is known to warp in heat(for example if left in your car). However, with all of the stress testing we’ve done from our home-town of Tampa, Florida. It seems to have held up just fine 95F+ weather, and 90%+ humidity. Should you have an issue with your case, we’ll send you a replacement for free.

The Battery

We’ve managed to strike a deal with a LIPO battery manufacturer, and have custom batteries made to fit the device perfectly.

These batteries have a 550MaH capacity, which doesn’t sound like much, but powering this little board is pretty easy. On a 550MaH capacity, the device can run for 10+ hours… Which should get you through your whole day of work/play.