Why Engel Tech Is Superior


Our software for all products are constantly under new work, to ensure that it's optimized, secure, and future-proof for any bugs/discoveries.


All of our own products are hand crafted, inspected, and pre-configured to ensure we not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


With the help of our team, and community. We can provide effective remote support that triumph over those pesky eastern call-centers.

Meet Our Newest Security Appliance

Our Firewall trumps all other solutions in it’s price range, and offers an exclusive remote support plan.

This In-House manufactured appliance allows the small business owner/home user to secure their network and digital resources by providing a simple all-in-one router/firewall that can support up to 200 concurrent users. Not only does it dominate in terms of performance… We also provide remote support/pre-configuration catered to your specific needs.

Our Team

Perfection can't be achieved alone.
Sidney Engel

Sidney Engel

CEO // Hardware + ETC Wizard

Network Technician with experience in Web development, community management, content creation, and everything IT.

Tyler K.

Tyler K.

Bug Hunter + Software Magician

Full-Time Tech Student, better known for breaking applications, and murdering servers with and without consent.

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